Technology and Computer Lab

30 Workstation Lab large enough for any class

Veyon Computer Lab Supervision - Teacher can see all screens

Enterprise Quality Content Filtering by Sophos

Sentence diagramming using a Smartboard

Jeopardy Quiz Activity on High-Def Board

Students using Chromebooks in English 6

Sr. Jane Zooms with 6th Grade


All classrooms, the Computer Lab, and Library are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards. Grades 1, 5-8 and the Computer Lab were upgraded to High-Definition Smartboards in 2019. All 30 workstations in the Computer Lab and teacher computers in all classrooms were purchased new in 2019. Grades 3-8 have several classroom workstations for student use. We have a set of Chromebooks for class projects and another set is arriving for the 2020/21 school year.